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2022 Pre-Natty | Pre-Nationals Power Championship

Pre-Natty Overview


Pre-Natty: Pre-Nationals Power Championship is a NEW event. Pre-Natty is sanctioned by USA Volleyball through the Old Dominion Region. Pre-Natty is a power tournament for elite junior girls' volleyball teams. Pre-Natty provides high level competition in preparation for Nationals.The Pre-Natty scheduling format guarantees a minimum of six [6] matches. Pre-Natty in NOT a Stay-to-Play event. 


Pre-Natty | Event Location

The event will be held at:

              1610 Coliseum Drive
Hampton, VA 23666


Pre-Natty | Tournament Registration

Pre-Natty will consider past and current team performance as a primary consideration for acceptance into the Pre-Nationals Power Championship.  When registering for Pre-Natty, teams will be prompted to complete an online survey allowing them to best characterize their team performance, makeup, and competition. Results as posted in Advanced Event Systems [AES] are used as a primary determinant for acceptance [when available] and seeding .  

  • Pre-Natty tournament registration OPENS in AES on November 1, 2021.
  • The entry and refund deadline is March 18th, 2022, 11:45 PM EST.  Teams must be entered by this deadline to be considered for acceptance.  Refunds will not be given after this deadline.
  • This is NOT an open entry tournament where team acceptance is done on a first-come, first-served basis. Alternatively, acceptance criteria is based on team performance relative to strength of field and rests strongly on performance history and strength of a teams' competition schedule. Early acceptance is March 31, 2022. Early acceptance will be based on. Full acceptance/seeding is April 8th, 2022 following USAV's Sunshine Qualifier.
  • Teams are permitted to register for the event without rosters. However, it is imperative that rosters be loaded into AES as soon as possible to ensure that coaches, team representatives, etc. receive vital tournament information via AES email.  Rosters are required to remain eligible to compete at the tournament. ROSTER DEADLINE: June 5th, 2022 (changes are permitted until June 9th, 2022 - a 100% complete and accurate roster must be brought to check in - NO onsite changes). Any changes made to the roster on June 10th will incur a $25 late roster fee.
  • Teams play in mixed age divisions. BLACK [16-18's], BLUE [14-16's], and RED [13-14's]. It is typical that less than ten 16's teams play in the BLACK division and less than ten 14's teams play in the BLUE division.
  • Final division assignment [for 16s teams requesting to play in Black and 14s teams requesting to play in BLUE] is April 8th, 2022. 
  • Seeding will rely primarily on results as found in AES. It is each team's responsibility to maintain their results in AES for seeding purposes.  Seeding will be completed by April 9th, 2022.
    • ALL teams are encouraged to complete a PRE-ACCEPTANCE SURVEY which is used to assist the Pre-Natty Competition Committee with team acceptance criteria.
    • REFUND POLICY: A full refund will be given with written notice to Lucky Dog Volleyball [tournaments@luckydogvolleyball.com] if received by March 18th, 2022 at 5 PM.  There will be no refunds for withdrawn or dropped teams after this date. If your team must withdraw due to COVID please contact tournaments@luckydogvolleyball.com for special consideration.
    • Teams that are not accepted into the tournament may remain on a waiting list.
      • Checks will not be cashed for teams that are not accepted into the event. 
    •  The hotel blocks will be available starting November 1, 2021. June is a busy beach month in Hampton, VA. We urge you to book your rooms as early as possible. When booking make sure to tell the receptionist you are needing to book within the Pre-Natty room blocks.


    Pre-Natty  | Team Check-In
    There will be no in person Team Check-In.
    All team will be responsible for checking in via AES.
    Team Check-In Opens Wednesday, June 8th at 8 a.m.
    Deadline to Check-In your team is Friday, June 10th at 7 p.m.
    There will be no onsite roster changes. All roster changes must be made by Thursday, June 9th. Roster changes made on Friday, June 10th will incur a $25 late roster fee.


      Pre-Natty | Schedule Format
      • Match minimum guarantee is 6; some teams could play as many as 9(this is subject to change due to the scheduling challenges during the pandemic)
      • Tournament schedule will be available through AES
      • Power pooled, and all teams have opportunity for GOLD
      • Tie Breakers played if tied in matches AND sets only
      • Three playing divisions, with a general tournament flow designed to create competitive match-ups in each wave
      • Typically, less than ten 16's teams play in the BLACK division and less than ten 14's teams play in the BLUE division
        • BLACK [16-18s] - 42 teams
        • BLUE [14-16s] - 42 teams
        • RED [13-14s] - 24 teams

      108 Total Teams

      (Lucky Dog Volleyball is committed to adhering to state, local, and venue occupancy restrictions due to COVID-19. Please note that these occupancy restrictions may directly effect the number of teams accepted to the event.)



      Pre-Natty | General Event Information
      Spectator Admission

      Spectator Admission will be determined closer to the event date. Lucky Dog Volleyball is committed to adhering to state, local, and venue occupancy restrictions due to COVID-19. 



      Planning an event in the midst of a pandemic can be very challenging. In an effort to be proactive, Lucky Dog Volleyball has decided to partner with BallerTV again in 2022. This will ensure that spectators are able to tune in, should there be any spectator restrictions/limitations. Thank you for your understanding.

      BallerTV will provide live video streaming for all courts throughout the event. Each team will receive SIX coupon codes for the event package (see below). Please click here to learn more.


         Facility Rules
        • At this time we are unsure about whether concessions will be open this year. Once we know we will update this page and let you know.
        • Personal beverage containers are permitted. 
        • Coolers, stadium chairs, and large baggage are not allowed inside or outside of the facilities [lobby, playing venue, sidewalks].
        • Team “camping” is prohibited.
        • Boom boxes or portable speakers are not allowed to be used inside the facility unless they are connected to headphones.
        • “Warm-up music” broadcasted from a speaker or sound system is not allowed.
        • No tripods are allowed. A monopod may be used.
        • Ball handling and horseplay is not allowed in the lobby areas.
        • Please see our photo policy HERE
        Balls & Ball Handling

        Lucky Dog Volleyball will have balls and carts available for check-out for teams that are flying.  Please indicate whether you will need to check-out balls, so we can have them available at your playing location. Please email tournaments@luckydogvolleyball.com with your ball needs.

        • The tournament ball is the Molten Super Touch™.
        • For the safety and protection of our guests, ball handling is not allowed off the playing court surface.
        • At this time we are unsure about whether concessions will be open this year. Once we know we will update this page and let you know.

        Event parking at the Hampton Roads Convention Center is FREE. 

        Tournament Guides

        In efforts to encourage social distancing inside the venue, there will be no results station this year. All results may be found in AES.


        Pre-Natty Volleyball Showcase
        The Friday before the Pre-Nationals Power Championship, Lucky Dog Volleyball will host our Pre-Natty Volleyball Showcase. This is a great opportunity for players to GET SEEN. Click HERE to learn more. Click HERE to see a list of the 180 coaches that are already registered. for this year. 

        You are encouraged to visit the Visit Hampton website for a list of local restaurants, hotels and surrounding area information. 


        2021 College Recruiters Information & Registration
        • Colleges Attending - Keep checking back to see the coaches who are registered to attend.
        • Register for the Tournament Here ($25/coach and $10/additional coach)
        • Click HERE to see who attended MAPL in 2021
        College coaches:

        Pre-Natty is using University Athlete to provide electronic recruiting rosters and schedules in their easy to use University Athlete Recruiter app (available on iOS and Android devices).  Log in to your UA account to purchase the event packet 1-2 weeks prior to the event.




        Pre-Natty is using University Athlete to provide electronic recruiting rosters to college coaches.  College coaches use the UA mobile app at the event to find and evaluate athletes with the custom schedule feature.  They upload their work to their online account and manage recruits from there.

        UA obtains their rosters directly from AES.  Sometimes there can be errors in the rosters, but your free UA Athlete profile will always overwrite incorrect data.  Log in to your free UA Athlete profile 1-2 weeks before this event and check two things:

        1. That you are listed on the roster (on the Roster tab)
        2. That the following critical information is correct: graduation year, scholarship status, email, and phone number

        To register for your profile: https://universityathlete.com/#/registration/athlete

        To log in to your profile: https://universityathlete.com/#/login



        Recruiters enjoy power events as they offer a high level of competition featuring mixed age levels and a power pool format, and great coach hospitality. We make it easy and fun for recruiters to see the best competition on the eastern seaboard.

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