My mother once traded me for two dozen doughnuts.  Well,  they were Krispy Kreme so this tells you how valued I am.  Kris Britton is my mom because she bought me and Maria Byars is my bestest auntie ever – thus I use her name at times.  When I’m with Maria she takes me to play and run at  UNCG where I’m D1,  you know Division One,  the big time in college sports. When Maria and I are in her hometown of Gaffney, SC we go to Limestone College where I’m D2. Riding  in the car with my feet propped on the ledge of the door with my face getting blasted by the wind is my most favorite thing in the world.  Oh, and those two dozen doughnuts?  Maria held me hostage until mommy Kris gave them to her.  I think Maria's so smart.