I am not from the South, not even close.  I hail from colorful Colorado and I'm a bonafide mountain snob.  Yep, that becomes a thing when you are an altitude native (I may have also made it up, #trademark).  But what North Carolina lacks in height, they make up for in greenery (fuzzy mountains as I like to refer to them), food, that famed southern hospitality, and bugs (so many bugs).  I was born and raised in Colorado Springs--one of seven children and, now, an ever-growing grand baby population.  I played volleyball for my high school team and did not play in college primarily due to not being that good at it.  But I do love the game and love to play from time to time on the most forgiving surfaces of sand or grass.  I come to Lucky Dog Volleyball after a 13-year career with USA Volleyball where I ran junior events, most notable of them being the Boys' Junior National Championships.  After much discussion, some persuasion on my new boss Kris’ part, and a lot of introspection, I made the decision to leave USAV and Colorado to explore a different side of the sport, a different side of business, and a different side of the country.  I am grateful to have been given an opportunity to work at the National office and experience the sport at both the National and Olympic levels. But now I am set on a new path, discovering new things and people.  And one thing I’ve learned in all of this change is that what we have here at Lucky Dog Volleyball is pretty special.  And I can’t help but ask, how lucky am I?