We are the bad boys of Lucky Dog!  I am Baxter, the black furball and the youngest pup of the whole Lucky Dog clan.  My big brother is Bozley, the handsome white stud.  Mommy wanted to name us Obama and Trump, but didn't want one of us to be stuck with such a horrible name!  We spend almost every day at the Dog Pound chasing each other around mom's office.  We also chase the pretty Bristol girls up the hall (Pixie and Trixie).  I have a sweet spot for Pixie, but right now she won't give me the time of day.  When I get a little older, I plan to shoot my shot with her!  Mommy says we have to be go-getters in our family.  Some days we get to go for a ride in the Pup Truck to pick up tees.  We love to hang our heads out the window and fight over the prime spot on the driver's lap.  My bro and I also love to play Fight Club along the side of the Dog Pound in a long grassy area.  We wrestle (he wins) and then we come inside for a cool drink and nap.  Life is pretty awesome around the Dog Pound.
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