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Another great Showcase!  Thank you to all of our participants, coaches, staff and parents!  See you in 2019!

  • 2018 Schools Attending - Note that recruiters are known to sign up later and closer to the event so don't be alarmed if this list slowly grows!
  • PARTICIPANT DETAILS - Get the latest info here! 
  • LEARN MORE - Need information about the East Coast Showcase?
  • COACH'S REGISTRATION - College Recruiters, Club and High School Coaches Only!
  • HOTEL INFORMATION - Coming from out of town? We got a deal for you!
  • New NCAA Recruiting Calendar - Note, D1 schools will not be able to contact during this event.  Most likely this will result in no registrations from D1 schools, however, it is possible some may choose to show incognito as, again, they are not permitted to make contact during this time frame.  Therefore, we can not guarantee any D1 school will attend. While that is unfortunate, don’t let it become the lone factor for choosing to attend or not attend a Showcase.  Why?  Showcases are excellent ways to film your daughter in a completely different atmosphere—away from their high school or club teams.  Training with a team is going to be regimented and a player will practice a series of plays the coach/s have developed for that team’s playbook.  The player is well tuned to that team and the way they’ve been trained to play during competition.  This is by no means a negative.  This is how teams become concise and even powerful on a court.  But what a college coach won’t see in this is a player’s ability to adapt to a new environment with foreign coaches and a “team” she never had to play with before.  Something she will have to do the instant she hits the court at that new school if she is fortunate enough to play on past high school.  What a showcase can do is provide a look into a player’s talent beyond shear physicality.  And recruiters don’t even have to be present to see how well a player can adapt and think on her feet.  If you intend to film your daughter to add to her highlight reel, know that adding footage from a showcase is nothing but a good idea.

For Showcase questions, please email: barbara@luckydogvolleyball.com