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Coach's USAV Seminar Form

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Lucky Dog Volleyball has always been committed to providing quality information to student-athletes who attend our events or visit our resource page.  At our annual volleyball showcase events (East Coast & Athletic Einstein), we invite about 6 college coaches to sit on a panel and field questions from an audience of players, parents and high school or club coaches.  The discussion is facilitated by our staff and always generates rich dialogue that proves both informative and enlightening for the audience of eager athletes and their support systems.  Lucky Dog has decided to expand these discussions into seminars that would be held at the USAV Championship events (GJNC, BJNC, and Girls 18's) in 2017.  


There would be several meeting rooms available at the convention center over the course of the entire events.  Each room would be facilitated by a coach and his or her staff for approximately 45 minutes.  The topic of discussion would be identified by the coach in charge, prior to the event so that players, parents, and/or club coaches could sign up for the session that interest them.  Attendees would pay a nominal fee ($5-$10) to attend each session.  Sessions would run each day on a schedule, for instance every odd hour on the hour.  The number of sessions would be determined by collegiate interest in hosting a session AND the number of available meeting rooms available that day.  


We are looking for coaches at all NCAA divisions, NAIA, Junior Colleges, and Community Colleges who are interested in hosting a session.  You would select your own topic, or we can help you identify a topic in demand.  You would tell us what days you plan to be at the event and what times work best for your schedule.  We will then assemble a schedule for the entire event and allow participants to register for the event ahead of time.  All you need to do is show up and speak!  


Each session would last about 45 minutes, with 15 minutes to get the audience seated.  A typical agenda would include:

  • 1:00-1:15pm: Seating Audience
  • 1:15-1:45pm: Collegiate Presentation of Topic
  • 1:45-2:00pm: Question & Answer Session 

This is very flexible and can be tweaked to the liking of the collegiate host.  We are open to input , feedback and suggestions about how to make this event a success.  


We expect collegiate hosts will have many ideas about what perspective student-athletes need to know about preparing for college and the recruiting process.  Here is a list of topics that have been most prevalent at our past events.  This list is only an example.  We encourage you to be creative and make your session authentic.  

  • Mental Agility -- Understanding How to Think Quickly & Change Focus
  • Be Really Good -- What Does it Really Take to Get Recruited
  • Grow Up -- What Freshmen Need to Know About College Life
  • Your First Mistake -- What Most Freshman Do Wrong in College
  • Financial Aid Demystified -- Knowing How the Money Works 
  • Really?  -- Do' & Don'ts of the Recruiting Process 
  • We See You -- What College Recruiters Are Looking For 
  • Be Curious -- What to Look For and Ask on a College Visit 


Please take a moment to complete this form. It does not commit you, but it gives us an idea of who is interested in participating so that we can plan for the event.  We will be in touch with additional details in 2017.  For more details, email  

Coach's USAV Seminar Form