Hi, I am Lindsey Thomas and am excited to introduce myself as the newest member of the Luck Dog Volleyball Team. I grew up in the small town of Butler, Pennsylvania, along with my 3 siblings. My sister and I lived on the softball field, unless of course I was cheering or dancing. My parents taught us that working hard is not an option; it is expected. The words my dad always said are very much the way I live. “It doesn’t matter what you’re going to be, you will always be the best at it.” The summer I turned 16, I taught my cousin, who has Downs Syndrome, how to swim. The connection and relationship between us and the satisfaction of teaching someone to do something new inspired me. From that moment on, I knew my passion was to teach children. I earned my Elementary Education, Special Education and Middle-School Math degrees from Westminster College in New Wilmington, Pennsylvania. And when I finished there, I headed south! I landed in the Greater Greensboro area the summer of 2008 and within a week I was a middle school math teacher. As with everything I do, I jumped in head first. I was chosen Rookie Teacher of the Year and added the title of cheerleading coach to my name as well. Seven years and approximately 900 students later, I have spent countless hours motivating my students, instilling in them a life-long love of learning and telling them to find something they love and make it their career. So, when Kris Britton, CEO of Lucky Dog Volleyball whom I had met when she was working in the field of education, called and said they had a pretty amazing opportunity and was hoping I would be interested, who was I not to listen to my own advice?
One would think leaving the career that I thought I would have for the rest of my life would be difficult, and that would be true if it weren’t for one thing. Not everyone gets the opportunity to be creative, meet new people and travel to new places while working for a company as dynamic as Lucky Dog. But I’m not everyone. I am the lucky one; and I am  living the dream!