Lucky Dog Volleyball’s Aloha Team Scholarship


                  Have you ever met anyone who said Hawaii wasn’t on their destination bucket list? Picture it: breath taking beaches, volcanoes, colorful leis, grass skirts, palm trees, coconut drinks with little tiny umbrellas, volleyball… Wait, what? Volleyball? YES! VOLLEYBALL!     

                  The Aloha Region hosts two annual volleyball tournaments in Honolulu each year: Spring Break Madness in March and the Aloha Summer Classic in June. We realize there are increased costs associated with travel for “mainlanders”, and we want to help! Lucky Dog Volleyball will be awarding a $2,500 Team Scholarships(one for per event) to a lucky club for each event. Please see below for more information:


Registration Opens: Thursday November 15th, 2018


Team Scholarship Criteria:

  • Scholarship applicants must be attending Spring Break Madness and/or the Aloha Summer Classic in Honolulu, Hawaii.
  • Scholarship Applicants must show proof of Tournament Registration.
  • Eligible Applicants: Registered Teams(excluding Hawaiian Islands).
  • A club is not permitted to win the Scholarship more than one time.
  • Only one scholarship submission is allowed per team.

 Directions for Applying:

  • Click APPLY below to complete the Online Team Scholarship Application


  • Once you have submitted the online Application, you must submit your Team’s Creative Video. (The Creative Video IS part of the application. Applicants will not be considered for the scholarship unless this portion of the application process is completed!)
  • Creative Video: Please send video submissions to:
  • Creative Video Criteria: Please submit a creative video from your team. The Video can be funny, artistic, inspirational , etc. (A few examples but not limited to: Lip sync challenge, dance challenge, inspirational story etc.)

Scholarship Application Deadlines:

  • Spring Break Madness: January 1
  • Aloha Summer Classic: March 1

(The deadline is the date after which applications will no longer be accepted. Late applications will not be considered.)

 Presentation of Winners 2

The winners of the Team Scholarship will be chosen by a committee consisting of Lucky Dog Volleyball team members. Applications will be judged based upon their Application and Creative Team Video submission.(the Aloha Region is not affiliated with this scholarship and therefore will not participate in selecting winners.)

Award the Scholarship.

$2,500 : $500 will go towards your registration fee


For Questions Email:


The remaining scholarship will be awarded in two equal installments:

  • $1,000 before tournament
  • $1,000 after tournament

Checks will be made payable directly to the winning volleyball club.