Lucky Pack Mystery Bag



Short Sleeve (3 for $15)

Long Sleeve (3 for $21)

Funky Spandex (3 for $15)


Receive a mystery bag of 3 Lucky Dog designs!

(maybe you can fluff up the description..)



Lucky Pack FAQ



What is a Lucky Pack?

The Lucky Pack is a mystery grab bag of 3 awesome Lucky Dog shirts! You will receive a bag based on your size and preference of short or long sleeve. Feeling lucky?


How do I get a Lucky Pack?

To order, just follow these easy instructions:


STEP 1: Pick the Short Sleeve, Long Sleeve, or Funky Spandex Lucky Pack.

STEP 2: Pick your size.

STEP 3: Submit your order!


Can I request a specific design or exchange the shirts I received for a different set?

Unfortunately we will not be accepting requests for **specific designs. We will also not be accepting requests for exchanges or refunds. All sales are final. Luckily, you will be receiving some awesome designs so you won’t have to worry!


** If you would like a position specific design or adult design (mom / dad / grandma related designs) please let us know if the order comments! These are the only design requests we will accept.


What kinds of designs are included in the Lucky Pack?

Designs include some classic Lucky Dog designs, clearance designs, past tournament & event tees. Designs do not include damaged tees, brand new designs, boy’s designs, or future tournament & event tees. Adult designs (mom / dad / grandma related designs) are only included in orders that specifically requested them in the comments.

How long will this deal last?

There is no time limit on this deal! The Lucky Pack will be available for as long as we have clearance shirts, old designs, and tournament tees hanging around.

Please be advised that some size runs may be limited by what we have available.