LuzHola! My name is Luz and I’ll give you a cookie if you can pronounce that right on the first try! ;) My parents are from Honduras and El Salvador, but I was born in Roanoke, Virginia. I currently live in Greensboro and have always viewed it as Roanoke’s big brother – it's slightly bigger than Roanoke but just enough to not be intimidating. I have a degree in Biology and Health Sciences and had planned on going to med school after undergrad. As a young 21-year-old at the time, I thought I had everything figured out for my near future… jokes on me!

After moving to Greensboro in 2021, I got a job at Aerie in which I enjoyed but eventually felt like my overall growth had come to a halt. I was recruited by Lucky Dog in the beginning of 2023, and while I had plans of not staying in retail, the universe had other plans (funny how that’s always the case). The team I work with is always pushing you outside of your comfort zone and always rooting for you along the way! In return, as the youngest on the team, I try to keep them up to date with all the ‘Gen Z’ lingo (emphasis on try).

When I’m not at the Executive Dog Pound, you can find me outside, at the gym, at Target, or at a local coffee shop! I currently don’t have any pets but I see a pup in my near future… don’t tell my mom. | 336.274.6500

 I am a Libra ♎️

Current Obsession: Cold Brew

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