Event Location:

     Hampton Roads Convention Center

     1610 Coliseum Drive

     Hampton, VA 23666


Event Format:

     Due to challenges of Covid-19 and restrictions from the Hampton Roads Convention Center, Hampton MAPL 2021 will be run in a 4-team pool format played on two courts. There will be no ref teams.

     NO Ref Team – Required Team Help

  • We are requiring each team to supply one line judge and one score person. That puts two score people at the table (one from each team) and the lines are covered.
  • The people at the table will flip score and run baller tv (this is very easy to do, and we will show them how).
  • R2s will keep a modified score sheet.


Play Schedule:

  • Saturday June 12th play begins at 8AM, doors open at 7 AM.
  • Sunday June 13th play starts at 8 AM. Doors open at 7 AM.


Tentative Saturday Wave Schedule:


08:00 a.m. – 11:00 a.m. Black [16-18s] Division

11:45 a.m. – 02:45 p.m. Blue [14-16s] and Red Division [13-14s]

03:30 p.m. – 06:30 p.m. Blue [14-16s] and Red Division [13-14s]


 *Final schedules will go out to Club Directors and Team Coaches first thing next week.


Team Check-In:

  • There will be no in person Team Check-In.
  • All team will be responsible for checking in on AES.
  • Team Check-In Opens Wednesday, June 9that 8 a.m.
  • Deadline to Check-In your team is Friday, June 11that 7 p.m.
  • There will be no onsite roster changes. All roster changes must be made by Friday, June 11that 7 p.m.



Due to capacity restrictions at the Hampton Roads Convention Center, teams will be limited to a maximum of 25 spectators per team, per day.

 No exceptions. This includes siblings and other children. ONLY children 2 years and under will be free.

  • Parents serving as line judges and score table assistants are still considered spectators and are not exempt from the spectator maximum or the spectator fee.
  • Team representatives and team videographers are also not exempt from the spectator maximum or the spectator fee.
  • *Parents with children in multiple waves will be able to re-enter with the same ticket after the previous wave.
  • We are asking that siblings playing in opposing waves do not attend the other wave(s) to watch.
  • Ticketed Spectators are the only ones who are allowed to sit in the spectator seating section.
  • Athletes who are not playing will be asked to leave the building if they are sitting in the spectator seating sections.


  • We will only be providing a Daily Pass for Hampton MAPL 2021.
  • The Daily Pass will be $14.
  • There will be NO onsite sales. NO EXCEPTIONS. (The box office will be closed)
  • Ticket Sales will open Monday June 7th, 2021 at 10am EST.
  • Spectators can only purchase tickets on Sport Wrench. A direct link will be sent in the email to your team's Director on Monday June 7th, 2021 at 10am EST. (we will also post this link here on Monday, June 7th.)

The SportWrench system will limit each transaction to 1 ticket per day per transaction ONLY to help you with the process. We STRONGLY encourage you to effectively communicate this to your parents to ENSURE THEY UNDERSTAND these limitations to allow equal attendance for all.


Spectator Ticketing Coupon Code:

The ticket purchase coupon codes for each team will be sent to the club director's email address that is provided in SportWrench(pulled straight from AES) on Monday, June 7th, 2021 at 10am EST. 

With this in mind, it will be imperative that your club chooses what process you will use to distribute the coupon codes to your spectators, as well as WHO will attend from each team, well in advance of ticketing opening on June 7th, 2021 at 10am EST.

  • *We, the tournament staff, will not distribute any coupon codes to parents who contact us directly, or request us to do so. This is the responsibility of the club.

Coaches Tickets

3 VIP Coaching Tickets will be provided per team. These 3 tickets do not count towards the limit of 25 spectators per team. However, if you have more than 3 coaches, those coaches will need to use the purchase coupon code distributed by the team's director to purchase a ticket.

Player Ticket

Players will not receive tickets. Player's jerseys will serve as their "ticket" for admission.


     Important Information:

  • Once the coupon code reaches max capacity of use (25), it will no longer be eligible to use for ticket purchases.
  • To make sure that all parents/spectators have an opportunity to purchase a ticket, only one ticket can be purchased per transaction.
  • i.e. - Mom cannot purchase her ticket, Dad's ticket and Sibling's ticket in a single transaction. They will all need to be done separately.
  • *ONLY children 2 years and UNDER will be FREE and NOT counted in the total spectator limit per day! Children 3 years and over MUST have a purchased ticket.


This package was developed specifically for Hampton MAPL and is not applicable to any other events. 

Live-Streaming Access Pass

Each player on a registered team's roster will receive one live-streaming access pass (playable from one device) to all courts at Hampton MAPL. This pass will allow a parent or fan to access only Hampton MAPL. This pass cannot be used to access other events on BallerTV. Instructions for redeeming the pass will be emailed to your clubs Director and Coach on June 7th, 2021 at 10am EST.

Free Video Download

Each player on a registered team's roster will receive one free download from Hampton MAPL. You will only be able to download video from this event. Be sure to review all video from the event before selecting the one you want to download, especially since players will likely perform on multiple courts throughout the event. Additional downloads from the event may be purchased directly from BallerTV. Videos will be available to watch up to 2 weeks after the event.


Covid Protocol/Mask Policy:

  • Masks are required for all non-vaccinated spectators and teams.
  • Masks are recommended for all fully vaccinated spectators and teams.
  • Athletes will not be required to masks while playing. (If players are not vaccinated, we ask they wear a mask while not playing)
  • We will not be policing, so please be honest 
  • Temperature checks will not be done upon entry.
  • To encourage social distancing and a safe environment, there will be no results station this year. All results may be found in AES.
  • These policies and procedures are in compliance with the newest executive order issued by the Governor of Virginia, the Hampton Roads Convention Center, and The ODR Board of Directors

Facility Rules:

  • Stadium chairs, and large baggage are not allowed inside or outside of the facilities [lobby, playing venue, sidewalks].
  • Team “camping” is prohibited.
  • Boom boxes or portable speakers are not allowed to be used inside the facility unless they are connected to headphones.
  • “Warm-up music” broadcasted from a speaker or sound system is not allowed.
  • No tripods are allowed. A monopod may be used.
  • Ball handling and horseplay is not allowed in the lobby areas.



  • Event parking at the Hampton Roads Convention Center is FREE.


Food and Attractions:

  • Concessions will NOT be available for at the Hampton Convention Center.
  • Small snacks are permitted. Please be discrete. No coolers.
  • Personal beverage containers are permitted. 
  • Bottled water will be for sale in vending machines.
  • For more information on Hampton, including things to do and restaurants, please visit https://www.visithampton.com



  • A trainer will be available at both locations
  • Preventative taping will incur a charge for supplies. Free if you bring your own supplies.

Colleges and Universities:


If you have any questions, please email us at events@luckydogvolleyball.com


Thank you,

-Christina Rizos

Tournament Director

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