Hi, my name is Natalie King and I’m the youngest and newest member of Lucky Dog! I grew up in a historic house in a small town (Ayden, NC) as the middle child of three. I always loved drawing, playing guitar, playing with the nearest dog, or going camping with my family. For a long time growing up, I didn’t know exactly what I wanted to do with my life. That is until one summer I attended the design camp at NCSU and I fell in love with graphic design. I loved being able to apply art to the real world and use my talents to help other people. After high school, I attended North Carolina State University where I studied Graphic Design and ate way too much Jimmy John’s. After graduating, I left Raleigh to find a place that felt more like home and I ended up in Greensboro, NC where I found Lucky Dog! I'm now apart of a team of amazing women doing amazing work! When I’m not designing for Lucky Dog, I’m making art, music or daydreaming about owning my own pup.

336.274.6500 Ext.200