Hi, my name is Neeko Duncan! I am the fur baby of Ian and Mara Duncan. My mom takes me to work almost every day, and I love every minute with her. When we go to work, I spend my time running around in this big room, my mom calls it the warehouse. I wait patiently every morning for my best friend Ellie May to get here with her mom Lindsey. I get so excited when their car pulls up, I literally shake! Ellie and I run around and play fight until she gets tired and lays down. I bug her a lot to continue playing, because I never get tired!

My favorite things to do include: playing fetch with my football, going for a run with my mom, chewing on my assortment of bones, going for car rides, swimming, and coming to work to play with Ellie May. Yep, life is pretty great! I wouldn’t trade it for anything, and I love that my mommy got this new job where I can be with her all of the time!