Clubs have spoken and we are listening.  Several clubs have expressed an interest in bringing their second and/or third teams to a quality event where they will benefit from a similar format as played at the MAPL events. 
Lucky Dog Volleyball is planning on hosting a volleyball tournament in Hampton, Va in 2019 designed to encourage more competitive matches, by using the MAPL scheduling format.  This will not be an actual MAPL event, but will become part of a new series designed to create great competition for second and third teams.  In the first years, we will accept all teams that apply.  See more information below about the proposed event: 
Target Date:         Feb 2-3, 2018
Target Location:    Hampton Roads Convention Center
Target Teams:       Second  & Third Teams 
Schedule Format:  MAPL scheduling format (for more competitive matches)
Entry Fee:             $575
If you would be interested in registering one or more of your teams, please click the link to complete a quick survey for us.  We will keep you informed about the status of the event.  We are looking to make a final decision about it next week.   
Kris Britton, CEO
Lucky Dog Volleyball