We joined the Bristol family in 2010 as rescue dogs. Our new family couldn't just pick one, so we both got lucky that day.   We started out belonging to Emma & Trey (our human siblings), but now our mom Molly feeds, walks, grooms and loves on us fulltime. She says she could not imagine her life without us. We are lucky dogs, but she is an even luckier human.

We are the leading ladies at the Dog Pound.  I am the brown diva, Pixie.  I don't tolerate foolishness from the silly boys, but I love lots of rubs from the humans in the building.  I prefer to stay home and bask in the sun most days, working on my tan.  My sister, Trixie is the black beauty who can often be found chilling in the CEO's office with the boys Bozley and Baxter.  Most days my sister and I curl up on our bed in Mom's office next to the coper.  

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