Event Date: Friday June 11th, 2021

Registration Fee: Early Bird $119 (Through March 23rd, 2021)

                              Registration Fee $149 (After March 23rd, 2021)

Registration Opens: February 24th, 2021


Time: One Session Only 6:30 p.m. – 9:15 p.m.

Eligible Student-Athletes: Currently enrolled MALE athletes grades 8th - 12th.

Event Location: Hampton Roads Convention Center

                            1610 Coliseum Drive| Hampton, VA 23666


Showcase Package: Lucky Dog Volleyball is happy to announce that this year when you register for one of our showcases you will receive an entire showcase package! What does this include? I’m so glad you asked. Our Lucky Dog Volleyball Showcase Package Includes:

  • Registration Fee
  • Participant Jersey: (Our participant jerseys are color and number specific and correlate to the position you play and the year you graduate. College recruiters LOVE this, and this is very unique to our showcase.)
  • Showcase Participant Tee
  • Recorded Interview Provided to College Recruiters: We are so excited about this new addition to our showcases! There is more to the recruiting process than just skill. Coaches want players who are going to fit their program. This interview will give colleges the opportunity to learn more about you. CLICK HERE to submit your video!
  • Baller TV Services: This will include free access for live streaming for this showcase, 1 free download, as well as access to the online video feed for 2 weeks. Subscriptions will be available for purchase to obtain additional footage. Click here for more information.
  • Get Seen: Baller TV allows college recruiters from every division from any part of the country to see you play.
  • Top Dog Match: We will end our showcase with a Top Dog Match. Our evaluators will pick top participants to play in this high caliber match.


Available Slots Per Session (By Position):
  • 27 Outside
  • 19 Middle
  • 19 Libero
  • 19 Setters
  • 12 Opposites


Registration Guidelines:

Register online HERE. After you checkout (pay your registration fee), you will receive both a purchase confirmation email and a Welcome Email (within ~5 minutes) with additional details about the event.  Be sure to check your spam folder.             

  • Student-athletes may not change their selected position.  Please select the  position you will play carefully, as you will be unable to make changes once you complete the registration process.
  • The Registration fee of $119/$149 is refundable through March 23rd, 2021. If the showcase is cancelled by Lucky Dog Volleyball due to COVID-19 a full refund of $119/$149 will be issued. If a participant cancels due to COVID-19 all but $45 will be refunded.
  • The information you enter into the registration form will be supplied directly to the coaches in attendance.  Please complete your player profile information carefully, as it will not be edited prior to printing in the book.
  • Student-athletes may request to be placed on the waiting list in the event that their desired position is full.  Simply fill out the Waiting List form HERE.


    Event Schedule:          

    6:30pm-7:00pm: Participant Check-in
    7:00pm-7:15pm: Opening Announcements
    7:15pm-8:00pm: Position Play
    8:00pm-9:00pm: Team Play
    9:00pm-9:15pm: Top Dog Match

    Event Format:

    What makes our showcase unique is our responsiveness to the needs of our student-athletes as well as collegiate coaches.  In considering their requests and needs, we have developed a format that allows for the most effective and efficient use of time for all participants.  In order to accomplish this, our staff is composed of highly trained experts in the volleyball community.  Our Court Coaches provide guidance and instruction on the court during drill work and court play.  Our Skill Evaluators evaluate each student-athlete to identify strengths, weaknesses and overall skill level, relative to the all participants. 


    During this portion of the showcase student-athletes will be divided into groups based on their registered position.  Our Court Coaches will guide the student-athletes through a series of drills that are specific to their position. 


    During this portion of the showcase all student-athletes will be assigned to a court, based on their skill level as determined by their evaluation during team drills.  Student-athletes may participate on multiple courts and multiple positions during this time, depending upon their actual performance during the sets.


    We will end our showcase with a Top Dog Match. Our evaluators will pick top participants to play in this high caliber match.


    Important Links:

    • Invite any college recruiters who have been in touch with you by sending them this free registration link here
    • Invite any of your teammates who may be interested in attending.  Send them this registration link here


    Temperature Checks
    We will check the temperature of every player prior to allowing them into the event. Please stand by to ensure your player has been cleared to enter the event before leaving the parking lot. Players will be instructed to notify you (via text or call) if they are not allowed into the event due to their temperature reading. Please plan to return to pick up your player 15 minutes prior to the event end time, as all players will be required to exit the facility when the event concludes. For more information about our COVID-19 protocol, click here.
    Live Streaming Access
    Due to COVID-19 protocol, spectators must be limited to college recruiters.
    Parents and fans will not be permitted to enter the facility. You are encouraged to tune into the event via BallerTV's live streaming access. Each player registration includes one live-streaming access pass (playable from one device) to all courts at the King of the Court Volleyball Showcase. This pass will allow watching the event safely from any location with internet access. BallerTV also offers subscriptions and highlight video packages. For more information about our BallerTV agreement, click here.


    History of Lucky Dog Volleyball Showcases:

    This is Lucky Dog Volleyball's first time hosting a boys showcase.However, we have been hosting girls showcases for years! We have heard the need from the boys volleyball community, and are excited to be able to provide you this same service. The purpose of our showcase event is to connect coaches from the NCAA, NAIA, Junior Colleges and Community Colleges to high school student-athletes, by providing an opportunity for players to perform in front of college recruiters. Each year we host approximately 500 student-athletes and 175 volleyball coaches at the event. While we primarily host student-athletes from the south, we have had participants travel from as far away as Hawaii, New Jersey, Connecticut, and Florida. We are pleased to host student-athletes from anywhere in the world.



    The disclaimer statement below must be accepted by each participant or on behalf of each participant and/or their legal guardian.


    The participant (or legal guardian) acknowledges and accepts the risks inherent in the use of Lucky Dog Nation, Inc. services, equipment, and facilities occupied and operated by Lucky Dog Nation, Inc. and voluntarily assumes the risk of injury, accident, death, loss or cost of damage to his or her person or property which might arise from involvement with Lucky Dog Nation, Inc. and releases Lucky Dog Nation, Inc. and its operators and affiliates from all claims and liabilities.
    The participant (or legal guardian) further certifies that he or she is in good physical health and is able to undertake and engage in the physical exercise and sport activities of this volleyball event. The participant assumes all responsibility for updating Lucky Dog Nation, Inc. of changes in physical condition and for reporting all incidences caused at this tournament to the tournament director on duty immediately.
    The participant (or legal guardian) consents to emergency medical procedures deemed advisable in the event that participant or the emergency contact cannot be reached and participant has sustained serious injury that requires immediate and urgent medical attention.
    Lastly, the participant (or legal guardian) also consents to the use of their imaging for future artwork in flyers and related marketing materials that are specifically for Lucky Dog Nation, Inc. related programs. 
    Cancellation Policy 
    Once a student-athlete successfully registers for the King of the Court Volleyball Showcase, the Registration fee of $119/$149 is refundable through April 1st, 2021. If the showcase is cancelled by Lucky Dog Volleyball due to COVID-19 a full refund of $119/$149 will be issued. If a participant cancels due to COVID-19 all but $45 will be refunded. 
    COVID Policy
    Please click HERE to view our COVID policies and procedures.
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