Our mom is one of the newest members at Lucky Dog. We are pretty wild and big boys so we may have to calm down a little more before we’re allowed to go with mommy to work. I am T’Challa and am less than a year old but am growing super-fast! My mom thinks I may have Lab, Great Dane and German Shepperd in me, which means I may just keep growing! Fun fact about me I have a number 7 on my chest which must mean I’m good luck!! However, my quirky ear decided to fold over the wrong way when I was a few months old and has never straightened out. My older brother’s name is Kobe and he’s a Pitbull-Beagle mix. We were both lucky enough to be rescued. I was adopted at 6 weeks old and my brother at 6 months old. We love to run around and play with each other and any other fur friends we meet. We are known as the big boys of Lucky Dog but are so sweet we would never hurt a fly; all we want are cuddles and belly rubs!

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