Volleyball People Are Such Good People

, by MARIA BYARS, 1 min reading time

Volleyball people are such good people - so nice, and always willing to help.

Those of us who get to spend a lot of time around “volleyball people” know what I mean when I say, “Volleyball people are such good people - so nice, and always willing to help.” For almost 20 years now I have spent quite a bit of time around this so named group – volleyball people.


What makes you a volleyball person? The obvious on the surface answer is a volleyball person is a player, a coach, a referee, and a parent of a player. Someone who is around the game, who is close to it for any reason. When I think deeper about these volleyball people I see they’ve tapped into the mindset of, “How can I help you? What can I do for you?” It happens to me daily. If I am taking boxes out of my car at a venue someone will come up to me and offer to take them in. When I’m at a tournament looking like I’m going to fall over if I don’t get some food, someone will stop by and ask, “ Have you had lunch? I’ll bring you something.” For our recruiting showcase each year coaches offer to do anything needed. Players offer up their ideas when I approach they’re napping at a tournament. Referees buy ten whistles from us to give them out to kids who don’t have their whistle with them. I love the goodness of volleyball people. This goodness, this kindness are things I value about the sport.


Thinking about the goodness of volleyball people made me think about the discussions we are having about the United States accepting Syrian refugees. With the proper security measures taken for background checks, I hope the goodness of the volleyball world will not seep out, but flood out into the country and those who need our help will receive it.


Read here why the governor of Delaware says his state will not turn refugees away.


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