Welcome to the Lucky Dog Volleyball Consignment portal, where easy money is made!  

What is Consignment?  

It's an easy way for you to get our merchandise sold at your event and earn money in the process.  We can send you merchandise to sell yourself, and you send back what you don't sell!  There's no inventory risk.  Click here for more information.   

Prospective Partners 

Interested in learning more about our fundraising/consignment program?  Click Here 

If you are a new consignment customer please Click Here to fill out the initial Consignment Pre-Approval Form.

Feel free to contact us at 336.274.6500 or email Consignment@LuckyDogVolleyball.com with questions. The Regional Director assigned to your territory will be in touch with you shortly. 

Current Consignment Partners 

Contact your Regional Director for all your consignment needs and Billing Questions:







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