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Lucky Dog Volleyball is proud to announce our continued partnership with USA Volleyball, as the official championship events merchandiser for 2022-2024.

Lucky Dog Volleyball has been The Official Championship Events Merchandiser for USA Volleyball since 2017.  

Lucky Dog will have the right to merchandise onsite at USA Volleyball’s premier events:

  • Mountain Classic Boys National Qualifier
  • Salt Lake City Showdown Girls 18s National Qualifier
  • Sunshine Volleyball Classic Girls Qualifier
  • Salt Lake City Showdown Girls National Qualifier
  • Girls 18s Junior National Championships
  • Open National Championships
  • Girls Junior National Championship (GJNC 11-13s)
  • Girls Junior National Championship (GJNC 14-17s)
  • Boys Junior National Championships

Lucky Dog Volleyball is excited to continue this partnership with USA Volleyball.  We believe that both organizations value the volleyball community and the development of the sport. Lucky Dog looks forward cultivating new relationships with volleyball players, coaches, officials and families during the next quadrennial.

“USA Volleyball is very fortunate to have created this partnership with Lucky Dog Volleyball as they will bring event merchandising expertise as well as an in-depth understanding of the volleyball market to this relationship for the benefit of both parties,” USA Volleyball Secretary General Kerry Klostermann said.

 Read more of the USAV official press release here.  

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