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How It Works - Getting started is as easy as 1-2-3!

  1. Contact Us - Contact us at 336.274.6500 or 
  2. Describe Your Event - We will send you a link to tell us more about your event(s).
  3. Set up & Sell - Once you receive your shipment of merchandise, simply set it up and sell it. (Don't worry - we will walk you through this!) 
  4. Pack up & Return - After the event, box up the unsold items.  Complete the inventory sheet. Attach the shipping label to the box.
  5. Mail the Check - Pay us only for the merchandise you sold, within 3 days of returning the merchandise.

Please Click Here to complete the initial Consignment Pre-Approval Form

 Feel Free to Contact Us: 336.274.6500 

Our Director of Consignment, Kayla Foster will reach back out to you shortly.

Why Lucky Dog Volleyball? 

If you're looking for the best volleyball fundraising program in the country stack us up against the others and see how we compare. It's all about you.  Consider: 

Absolutely No Risk

You only pay us if you sell items.  Otherwise just send it back.  

Hassle Free

If you change your mind at any point, simply return the merchandise and walk away.  There are no contracts.

Shared Shipping

Shipping costs are shared 50/50 with LDV, and customer is responsible for flat rate shipping to return products. Prices are $12 or $25/box depending on your location.

Customized Pricing

We charge you a set price for each item.  Your profit is based on the price you set for the merchandise. We suggest two different tiers of pricing, but ultimately the decision is yours.

Unlimited Profits

Most Consignment Partners earn between 40-50% in profits each season.  Since your profits are determined by the price you set, there is never a cap on your earning potential.

Top Dog Advice

Our expert staff will guide you through the process and help you make the right decisions for your organization and event.  You don’t need to know anything about merchandising or supply and demand.  We will take care of it.  We have been doing this for 30 years, so we know the in's and out's of volleyball consignment and fundraising.  

Customer Satisfaction 

Ask people about us. Read our customers' comments. We are who we claim to be.  No gimmicks.    


Frequently Asked Questions

1. Q: What is our profit margin with Lucky Dog Volleyball?
    A: Typically, most of our customers make 40%-50%.

2. Q: How can your profit margin be higher than other companies?
    A: Unlike other companies, we don't set prices or have fixed percentages. You're in control.

3. Q: Can we return what we don't sell?
    A: Yes! You return all unsold merchandise. No hassle, no risk.

4. Q: Who pays for shipping?
    A: We split the out going shipping with the customer 50/50 and customer is responsible for the flat rate return shipping.  

5. Q: How do I return my merchandise after my event?
    A: Email the Director or call Lucky Dog and we'll email you a UPS return label.

6. Q: Can I accept checks from people wanting to buy your stuff?
    A: Yes. The checks must be made out to your group, not to Lucky Dog Volleyball.

7. Q: How do we pay?
    A: You may pay by check or credit card when you return your box. If you have special circumstances, call us and we will work with you.

8. Q: How do I get paid?
    A: You keep your profit from the items sold.

9. Q: Who decides what we sell?
    A: We've packed thousands of boxes. We can send you an assortment of what is selling best, or work with our Director on what will work best for your event.


10. Q: How do we collect money?
     A: We HIGHLY suggest you accept credit cards for payment. Accepting Credit Cards Increases Sales by 57%! We can create you a SQUARE account and send you SQUARE Payment readers that connect to most Apple and Android devices. You can also accept cash or check as well.


Ready to get started?  Contact 336.274.6500


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