Consignment FAQ'S

Frequently Asked Questions


What is our profit margin with Lucky Dog Volleyball?

Typically, most of our customers make 40%-50%.


How can your profit margin be higher than other companies?

Unlike other companies, we don’t set prices or have fixed percentages. You’re in complete control.


Can we return what we don’t sell?

Yes! You return all unsold merchandise with no hassle and no risk.


Who pays for shipping?

We split the outgoing shipping cost with the customer 50/50 and the customer is responsible for the flat rate return shipping ($12.50 or $25 /box returned).


How do I return merchandise after my event?

Your consignment director will email you the needed amount of UPS return labels.


Can I accept checks as a form of payment from customers?

Yes. The checks must be made out to your group/organization, not Lucky Dog Volleyball.


How do we pay?

Once we have received and inventoried your unsold merchandise, we will send you an invoice, in which you can by check or credit card.


How do I get paid?

You keep the profit from the items sold.


Who decides what we sell?

We send you an assortment of what is selling best! We do all of the back end work and we tailor what we send to what best fits your event!


How do we collect money?

We HIGHLY suggest you accept credit for payments. Accepting credit cards increases sales by 57%! We can create you a Square account and send you Square readers that are compatible with most Apple and Android devices. You can also accept cash or checks as well.

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