At Lucky, our purpose is to create equitable access to volleyball gear, resources and information. We aim to design volleyball gear that is original, functional and stylish, while providing resources and services to the volleyball community. Our work is guided by five simple values.

Customer Focus

We keep players, coaches, officials, parents, and fans at the center of our designs and services. We plan and run events that blend the needs of organizers with the goals of our athletes. We remain approachable in order to encourage feedback in all areas of the business.

Equity of Access

We provide flexible consignment opportunities to the volleyball community that allows for autonomy in pricing and volume, to meet the needs of their market. We plan a tournament tour that is intentionally focused in regions where access is limited.

Personal Responsiveness

We pride ourselves on our friendly approach to customer service. We ensure that someone will answer the phone when you call, or we will return your call promptly, usually within 24 hours. We listen, take note, and then take action.

Win-Win Negotiations

We believe a deal is only good if it benefits all parties involved. For this reason, we seek and make deals that are mutually beneficial, then pass the benefits of such deals to our customers.

People Over Profits

We are committed to conducting business by doing what is right — all the time, even when it costs us more money or time. We believe the benefits of doing what's right are far more important than doing things the easy way.

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