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Welcome to the Lucky Dog Volleyball Consignment Partners Web Portal.  Use this page to assist you with your consignment event(s).  To get started, you will need to fill out our Consignment Approval Form. Always, feel free to contact us at 336.274.6500 with questions or concerns.  


Consignment Guidelines

  • Complete the Consignment Approval Form 
  • Receiving Merchandise
    • Check it in using our inventory sheet.
    • Notify your Regional Director if there are discrepancies in our figures and your count.
  • Selling Merchandise
    • Mark up your prices. You determine your profit margin. The prices on the inventory sheet are what Lucky Dog Volleyball is charging you for the merchandise. We have created a few tiered pricing levels for your reference. You will find that document in your consignment box.
    • Selling Tips
      • Post signage about your event throughout the facility.
      • Set up your booth/tables where foot traffic will be the heaviest. Display some merchandise on walls, hangers etc as well as tables. Place few matching items together to create an ensemble. Have a talkative sales staff.
  • Returning Merchandise
    • Email to request return labels.
    • Return all unsold items no later than three days after event ends. (Ex. If your camp is done on a Friday, ship unsold items back to us by the following Monday.)
    • Completely fill out the inventory sheet that was sent in the original shipment. Three columns will need to be completed: Qty Sold, Qty Returned, and the qty Sold x Price. Include this inventory sheet in your return box. When your box is delivered to us we will also do a count to verify that your count is accurate.
    • Return in as few boxes as possible. One big box will cost less than two smaller boxes. Get a tracking number to track it's progress and to verify it has been delivered. If you have events spread out over several weeks or a month contact Regional Director about whether you should keep or return after the first event.
  • Payment
    • If you require an invoice and/or a purchase order in order to pay us, let us know.
    • You are welcome to pay by check, credit card (3.6% fee will be added), or ACH/bank draft.
    • Payments are due no later than 30 days from the last day of your event. Late payments will be assessed a finance charge of 2% a month. Statements will be sent monthly.
  • Refer



Download the resources below to manage your consignment account.  Please call us at 336.274.6500 with any questions about these resources or your account.  


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