Einstein Had It Right

Every year we host our annual East Coast Volleyball Recruiting Showcase. Every year I get nervous just like the girls who are in it. Why would I get nervous? Because I realize this is a stressful day for them. They are here to play in front of college coaches. They are here to be seen.

When people ask me, “What is a recruiting showcase?” I tell them, “It’s like an adoption fair. If the coaches like a player they take them home with them.”  Now they don’t really take them home but if they like what they see they begin to recruit the player in hopes the player will sign with their school. So, again, why would this make ME nervous? Because I see it as a responsibility for me, and for Lucky Dog Volleyball to give them the best possible opportunity to show their skills. I want to get it right. I keenly remember how it feels to want to play well in front of college coaches. I put pressure on myself in trying to provide a fair opportunity for all.

We put a lot of thought into how to run a showcase. What format works best? What drills best show talent, skills, work ethic, and other traits a college coach is looking for? When talking about this every year we ask, “What is the best way to showcase these kids? What do they need from us, and what do the college coaches need to see?” We reevaluate this after every Showcase. We look at it from both sides – the player and college coach. It is an event set up to work for groups.

We will be hosting a new type of Showcase on June 14, 2015 at the Greensboro Sportsplex. As if one were not enough to unsettle me we have decided to do a second. This one is for those girls who excel in the classroom and on the court. We’re calling it, “Athletic Einstein’s Volleyball Recruiting Showcase”. Like all previous Showcases we will have a showcase staff that has varied and vast experience in coaching and recruiting volleyball players. We will continue to evaluate ourselves and our staff to see how we can improve.

Albert Einstein is famous for his quotes. They range from God to science to values to art to his lack of proper grooming. I like this one. It is from a 1945 letter. It reads, “Only the one who does not question is safe from making a mistake.” He was an intelligent, and a wise man.

December 18, 2014 by MARIA BYARS
Tags: Events
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