High School Volleyball

Two of the best high school teams in the state of Alabama played last night at Spartan Arena on the Mountainbrook High School campus. Mountainbrook HS took on Hoover HS. We are just a few weeks into the season and you have two of the premier teams battling out early. Kind of like if Alabama and Auburn played this early. It was a fun, exciting night for Alabama high school volleyball.

 High school sports, volleyball included, have taken a back seat to the pay to play models. In volleyball you have the JVA, USA
Volleyball and AAU. Players tryout for club teams and pay for the opportunity to play on these club teams. Club teams typically have levels of play - you are put on a team based on how good the club deems you to be.   There might be 6 college level players on the court at one time.

 On high school teams the talent level typically isn’t as high. Kids don’t get to choose what school they go to. It’s harder to stack a team with six D1 players. In high school as a player and a coach your team roster is comprised who goes to the school. Sometimes your team is really good. Sometimes your team is terrible and you’re looking to transfer. I love high school sports. I’ve coached high school teams and played on them. You coach what is there. You play with who is on your team. You work with what is given to you. You have to be flexible. You learn to work with people you might not haven chosen but they’re all you’ve got.  High school sports are great teachers for players, coaches and parents. Long live the high school athlete.

September 18, 2015 by MARIA BYARS
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