I am the bestest little man on earth, or at least that's what my Auntie Maria tells me everyday.  My mom is the CEO at Lucky Dog, and I'm not really sure what that means, but she sure works a lot!  I spend most of my days asleep on my bed in Mom's office, or hanging out in the warehouse with one of my other Aunts at Lucky Dog.

Life is pretty good here at Lucky Dog, or the Dog Pound, as I call it!  Auntie Maria takes me for walks every morning and afternoon to some place called the Pet Crematorium.  I'm not sure what that means, but I sure love sniffing around their back yard, and everyone laughs when they hear I like to go there.  My mom refuses to take me, but Aunt Maria never lets me down.  All of the other dogs here at the Dog Pound run and play, but I prefer to sleep and allow all the visitors to rub my belly!  Some days I like riding on the bottom of the red cart while people fill orders in the warehouse.  

Life is pretty good for me here at Lucky Dog.  I sure am glad, since I promised my Mommy that I would live forever!