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Hampton MAPL | Schedule Format

Final Results via AES


Congratulations to the 2019 MAPL Hampton Champions and Finalists!

Black Division Champion: Triangle 17 Black

Black Division Finalist: Metro 18 Travel


Blue Division Champion: Metro 15 Travel

Blue Division Finalist: Academy 15 Diamond


Red Division Champion: Triangle 14 Blue

Red Division Finalist: Triangle 13 Black



    Schedule Format

    • Match minimum guarantee is 6; some teams could play as many as 9
    • Tournament schedule and results will be available through AES
    • Power pooled, and all teams have opportunity for GOLD
    • Tie Breakers played if tied in matches AND sets only
    • Three playing divisions, with a general tournament flow designed to create competitive match-ups in each wave
    • Typically, less than ten 16's teams play in the BLACK division and less than ten 14's teams play in the BLUE division
      • BLACK [16-18s] - 66 teams
      • BLUE [14-16s] - 66 teams
      • RED [13-14s] - 24 teams

    156 Total Teams


    2018 Results

    See full results here

    MAPL Hampton

    BLACK [16-18s] Winner Metro 18 Travel
    BLACK Finalist Triangle 18 Black
    BLUE [14-16s] Winner East Coast Power-15 True
    BLUE Finalist Delaware Jrs.16 National ACE
    RED [13-14s] Winner ECJVC 14 Black
    RED Finalist Triangle 14 Blue


    Black Division Winner : Metro 18 Travel


    Black Division Finalist : Triangle 18 Black



    Blue Division Champion : East Coast Power 15 True


    Blue Division Finalist : Delaware Jrs. 16 National ACE



    Red Division Champion : ECJVC 14 Black (picture unavailable)

    Red Division Finalist : Triangle 14 Blue (picture unavailable)