Bring Lucky Dog Merchandise to Your Volleyball Tournament!

There are two ways to have our merchandise sold at your volleyball tournament: consignment or merchandising.  The size of your event determines the best option for your volleyball tournament.  


With consignment, we send you the merchandise to sell and you return what you don't sell.  You earn money based on what is sold. Learn more about our consignment program here.


With merchandising, we come to your volleyball tournament and set up a store and handle all onsite and pre-order sales.  You earn money based on a negotiated royalty.  We cover the cost of all unsold leftover merchandise.  As the official championship event merchandisers for USA Volleyball, we are experienced at designing volleyball tournament tees and merchandise that satisfies wide demand.  Currently we partner with several organizations across the US, by offering customized value-in-kind staff gear/gifts and competitive royalties. Learn more about our tournament merchandising program here.

If you are interested in Lucky Dog bidding to merchandise for your volleyball event, please contact  

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