Sales Representatives work at volleyball tournaments and showcase events in our on-site store.  There are two options for becoming a Sales Representative with Lucky Dog.  All Sales Representatives are paid by the job, at a negotiated rate within 2-3 days after completion of the work. 
Tournament Sales Representatives
Since many of our tournaments are located out of town, weekend travel (Friday-Sunday) is required.  To see a list of tournament locations, please click here.  Tournament Sales Reps are responsible to unloading boxes of apparel and setting up the on-site store.  Reps will then work the store for the duration of the tournament, usually Saturday and Sunday.  Typically Sales Reps leave town on a Friday afternoon and arrive at the tournament site that evening to set up the store.   During the tournament, Reps will assist customers with purchases and offer advice about the best volleyball apparel and equipment option (we will train you).  Reps are then responsible for counting money, packing boxes and preparing them for return shipment to our Greensboro Warehouse. Typically Reps return to Greensboro Sunday or Monday, depending upon distance travelled.  Lucky Dog will pick up the tab for travel and meals, at a predetermined per diem.  You can elect to receive advanced payment or reimbursed for  travel and meal.  Payment for work will be dispersed once all money is submitted and paperwork finalized (within 1-2 days). 
Consignment Sales Representative
Consignment Sales Representatives open their own on-site store through our consignment program.  Lucky Dog will supply you with inventory to sell , based on the demographics attending the event.  If you reside in an area where players have very little access to volleyball gear, opening an on-site store is a great way to make money while working for yourself.  You set your own hours, prices and profit margin.  You can work a little or a lot.  It's completely your call.  For more information about our consignment program click here

TO APPLY: Submit resume and link to electronic portfolio to Type "Sales Rep Resume" in the subject line.



Must be able to setup the onsite store in a way to attract customers to the area. 


Must be able to work independently without supervision, as assignments will be provided with minimal guidance and targeted feedback.


Must be able to process feedback and make appropriate adjustments to store set-up immediately. 

Forward Thinker 

Must be able to identify reasons for slow or increased sales, and act accordingly to produce optimum sales at tournaments. 


About the Company

There are four divisions of Lucky Dog Volleyball - website, tournaments, special events, and fundraising.  We ship orders all over the world, we travel to tournaments across the United States and we work with hundreds of colleges, clubs, and individuals through our fundraising division. We design and print our shirts and sweatshirts and custom manufacture sweatpants and hoodies. We custom dye many of our t - shirts. The Lucky Dog Volleyball Brand is a known brand in the volleyball world. To learn more about Lucky Dog, visit our About Lucky page.

TO APPLY: Submit resume and link to electronic portfolio to Type "Sales Rep Resume" in the subject line.


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