Too Many Coaches


In a conversation with my brother last night, we came to the conclusion that athlete’s today have far too many people in their ears giving them advice: high school coaches, club coaches, parents, trainers. It can be overwhelming, especially when the advice is conflicting.

I coach basketball and a player recently informed me that her AAU Coach told her she needs to score 25 points per game in high school ball. The nerve! How can another coach tell my player how to perform on my team, when that coach has no idea about my game plans or our strategies? It made me mad. I felt disrespected by that coach. Then I realized last night that I should be more upset about the position in which this advice left my player. She is torn between two adults she admires and respects.

 We as adults – parents, coaches, and personal trainers must remain laser-focused on the needs of each student-athlete. Like parents in a bitter divorce, we must think of the children first. I reserved my opinion about the AAU Coach for dinner conversation with other adults and promptly instructed my player to follow my advice during my games.





November 13, 2014 by KRIS BRITTON
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