Play Volleyball, and Basketball, and Run Track, and ...

A parent just forwarded me an article because of a conversation we had recently. The conversation was about kids being pressured to specialize in one sport. The thinking here is if you devote your time to just one sport you’ll be better at this one sport thus you'll get the best coaching, and play at a higher level.The article below from NBA future Hall of Famer Steve Nash's website makes it clear they think kids playing just one sport is not the route to take. The article argues that kids playing more than one sport benefits them. Why? Doesn't more time spent on an activity make you the best you can be? They argue for the, "No, it does not necessarily make you better". In fact it may drive a kid away from playing. What are the benefits to playing more than one sport? Rules in sports are different. Playing more than one teaches a kid to think in a myriad of ways. The muscles used in various sports are not the same. Volleyball is a short court game with some sprinting. Basketball is long court game with a lot of sprinting. Different sports attract different types of personalities and foster different traits. Being team sport volleyball teaches the team concept. Tennis is a lone wolf kind of game where it’s you out there and no one else. Both are concepts we face everyday. Team sports show you how to work with others, whereas a solitary game like tennis teaches you how to do it on our own. Look at it his way. A well rounded athlete vs. a volleyball player, a well-rounded athlete vs. a softball player, a well-rounded athlete vs. a field hockey player. A well rounded athlete is more likely to be a well rounded kid. An athlete is the new black. Read the Steve Nash website article here
October 28, 2014 by MARIA BYARS
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