Twitter Chatter

Twitter publically tracks the amount of conversations about all subjects. If you are tweeting about the long lines at Walmart Twitter's tweet counters in the Silicon Valley are on it. Now, there is a New York company called, Canvs, that analyzes the "emotional" content of tweets. Yes, it's here America. Someone out there knows how you feel about that line at Walmart.The Wall Street Journal reported about this on October 17 in the article entitled, "What TV's New Metrics Mean". Canvs looks for terms like "love" and various ways love is spelled such as "looooove". Canvs counted 28,000 emotional reactions to the new ABC TV show, "black­ish". Some looove it, some haaate it. This makes Twitter one of the best ways to methodically track how people react to a show and it does in in real time. Imagine if we could use this on the volleyball court. Timeout is called. Everyone tweets. The results come back and tell us: The coach is fuming mad. Our setter is refusing to set our outside. Our libero just let the last balldrop in front of her because the coach stood up and looked at her. I'm going to pass on instant feedback from Twitter when it comes to real time volleyball.
October 19, 2014 by MARIA BYARS
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