Put Girls In

Sometimes we are so used to something that when it happens it runs right by us. Never saw it. Sometimes it takes a 12 year old to point it out to us. If you are like me you see store flyers that come with the paper or in the mail. You look at them, then throw them away. What you don't do is write a major corporation and call them out. But, call Dick’s Sporting Goods out is exactly what 12 year old McKenna Peterson did. She looked at the Dick's flyer and asked, "Why aren't there any girls in here? It's all boys playing basketball in their flyer." Instead of letting this go she wrote Dick's a letter. Dick's CEO Ed Stack agreed with her assessment. "We messed up," he said and promised to include female athletes in their next basketball catalog. Take a look at McKenna here.
October 15, 2014 by MARIA BYARS
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