What policies procedures are being put in place to protect participants and prevent the spread out COVID-19? Lucky Dog Volleyball is taking every precaution to ensure the safety of our participants, recruiters, court coaches, trainers, staff, etc. Please click here to view our COVID policies and procedures.

If the showcase has to be canceled due to COVID-19 or any other unforeseen issue will I get my money back? Yes. Please click here to learn more about our cancelation and refund policies.

As a participant, what should I do if I have a temperature or am experiencing COVID like symptoms any time 2 weeks leading up to the event? We want to keep everyone safe. If you are experiencing any COVID like symptoms, we ask and urge you to stay home. Please email us at and we refund your registration fee, with the exception of $45(partial costs associated with registration).

How will College Coaches see me if they don't attend? Good news! Coaches who are registered but don't attend will be given FREE video footage of the entire showcase. That means, coaches from all divisions all across the country will be able to tune in to see YOU. As coaches register, we will update the list of who will be attending or watching. Please click here to view that list.

What does my child need to bring the day of the showcase? Spandex/Shorts, socks, shoes, any protective equipment they require.

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