I’ve been with Lucky Dog since February 2022. I began my journey here as a part time worker, helping the warehouse get ready for tournaments.

I really loved the organizational chaos that came with that part of our business. By the end of that volleyball season, I was a permanent member of the Lucky Dog team!

In the 2023 season I was able to travel and work several events. I love the energy at a Nationals tournament and seeing our apparel “in the wild”.






Izzy Kern, Rebecca's Dog





I have a one eyed “Lucky Pup” named Izzy. She is a 15 year old yellow lab mix that we adopted years ago.

She is the sweetest girl that loves everybody. Her vision in the remaining eye is minimal. However, Izzy adapted quick and can navigate her backyard like a pro. | 336.274.6500

 I am an Aries ♈️ 
Current Obsession: Burrata Cheese 
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